Victoria's Secret Showtime Angel Mist 250 ml 8.4 oz

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Victoria's Secret Showtime Angel Mist

 Your new favorite accessory: Mist. Refreshing and cool, they’re the perfect way to add a pop of fashion to your fragrance wardrobe. In shelfie-ready bottles and totally irresistible scents—you’ll never stop at one.

Choose From:

Pure Seduction: Juiced Plum. Crushed Freesia. All night long.
Love Spell: Cherry Blossom. Fresh Peach. Impossible to resist.
Coconut Passion: Island Coconut. Warm Sands. Beach days forever.
Bare Vanilla: Whipped Vanilla. Soft Cashmere. Skin to skin.
Velvet Petals: Lush Blooms. Almond Glaze. Made you blush.
Aqua Kiss: Cool Waters. Bright Daisy. Make a splash.
Love Addict: Wild Orchid. Sparkling Mimosas. Flirt on.
Amber Romance: Deep Amber. Sugar Kisses. Chasing sunsets.
Temptation: Luscious Apple. Desert Flower. So obsessed.
Rush: Sultry Woods. Midnight Mandarin. Sparks fly.

250 ml/8.4 oz